RF Energy

Use the AdvantageRF™ RF Energy Generator
and get to market a year faster!

The AdvantageRF platform will shave a year out of your RF generator development.
The AdvantageRF platform will shave a year out of your RF energy generator development.

It really is as linear as that.

Here are four reasons to believe we can get you to the medical device development market a year faster with our RF Energy Generator.

1. Shipment History. We’ve been building RF energy generators for multiple clients for many years. We see pitfalls a mile away. We’ve validated, we’ve verified, and we’ve shipped hundreds of units.

2. Subsystems and Processes. We reuse things we’ve proven in the past: subsystems, components, and processes. We know they work. They’re ready to use on your project.

3. AdvantageRF Development Platform. We use our established development platform to turn your concept into a tested RF treatment profile. We’re concurrently helping you develop your UI. When these are complete, your RF energy generator will deliver the proper energy to have your catheter perform exactly the way you want.

4. Electronics, Software, and Enclosure. We have the core electronics, software, and enclosure ready for your RF system. This last piece is 70 percent of the work and it’s already done!

RF catheter & generator commercialization
in less than half the time!

Brian is inspecting the integrity of an RF generator board.
Stuart is inspecting the integrity of an RF generator board.

They say time equals money. But in the medical device development market, it also equals market share and compounded revenues.

You can go it alone and spend considerable time and resources to build your own custom RF energy generator.

Or you can use our RF energy generator: It’s completely flexible, and we’ve been evolving it for years. We’re in the market with hundreds of units.

You can take all our knowledge, use our RF energy generator and development platform, create your proprietary algorithm, and get to medical device development market faster.

Start from scratch Start with AdvantageRF
Develop Initial Prototype 10 months Done
Customize/Design Updates 6 months 4 months
Complete V&V 4 months 2 months
Certification Testing & Regulatory Filing 4 months 2 months
TOTAL 24 months 8 months!

OK, Energize Medical. You’re way faster to market. What else you got?

“Speed to market” is usually at the forefront of our initial conversations. It’s when we go deeper that the discussion gets really interesting.

Energy Profile: If you’re using an energy source that was designed for a single purpose, you’re doing the best you can with your catheter treatment profile. A single-purpose energy source was a real limitation – until now.
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Ultimate flexibility: If you incorporate our patent-pending IMPART technology as part of your solution, the brains of your system will live inside the catheter connector. That means that every time you ship catheters to your customer, you will ship the latest algorithm and user interface.
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Your clinical outcomes

If you’re looking to improve the clinical outcomes of your catheter treatments, we have some ideas you can share with your management.

We won’t sell you anything. We’ll listen, and answer your questions.

A third of our business or more is in the RF energy generator market so, at a minimum, you’ll walk away with a fuller understanding where the RF generator market is going.

Send us an email and we’ll talk at your convenience.