IMPART Device-Centric CyberSecurity Technology

IMPART cybersecurity technology provides device makers with unprecedented security, flexibility, and control over deployed devices.


Electronic medical device security requires due diligence on the part of device makers to keep up with cyberattacks. IMPART addresses both hardware and software security threats on behalf of device makers, as well as other risks associated with security breach including patient safety, litigation, terminal damage, support, reputation, and lost revenue.

IMPART effectively addresses medical device risks via secure communications between the device terminal or “console” and surgical consumables.

IMPART security was designed to safeguard proprietary content and prevent unauthorized reuse of accessory devices through counterfeiting, exploiting, and/or spoofing. Flexibility and control are achieved by storing custom content in memory devices embedded in various accessory components such as cables, hubs, probes, catheters, and sensors.

IMPART Key Features


When consumables are connected,  the console authenticates it using 256-bit encryption. Invalid devices are rejected.

Reuse Control

Once a device has been authenticated, the console executes a reuse policy to verify the devices have not exceeded allowable uses and updates device information.

Stored Custom Settings

IMPART technology enables consumable devices to communicate specific settings and parameters to the console for maximum control and convenience. This opens the door to optimized user experience for each type of device.

IMPART security addresses the following pervasive device security threats:

  • Unauthorized reuse or reprocessing

  • Direct attack on encryption, i.e., exploiting

  • Reprogramming of devices, i.e., counterfeiting

  • Man-in-the-middle attacks, i.e., spoofing

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