Fluid Delivery

Commercialize your fluid delivery system in less than half the time.

Medtronic’s OsteoCool RF Ablation System uses the AdvantageRF platform the AdvantageFD platform and is switching to Kardia Pump Heads. Image courtesy of Medtronic
Medtronic’s OsteoCool RF Ablation System uses both the AdvantageRF and AdvantageFD platforms. Image courtesy of Medtronic.

With catheter developments getting smaller and smaller, you’re going to need to update your fluid delivery system to stay competitive.

Will you start from scratch or save time and money by using our AdvantageFD™ platform?

How AdvantageFD saves you time and money

Like the AdvantageRF platform does for RF generators, AdvantageFD is a means by which you can commercialize your fluid delivery device more quickly than you thought possible. There is simply no reason to start from scratch.

The AdvantageFD team designed all the electronics, the software, and enclosures necessary to introduce a fluid delivery product in the marketplace. All told, AdvantageFD lets you start with about 75 percent of what you need to commercialize your fluid delivery system.

The AdvantageFD team designed all the electronics, the software, and enclosures necessary to introduce a high-performance fluid delivery product into the marketplace. This includes everything you can imagine: Bubble detection, occlusion sensing, you name it. Then we help you efficiently add your branding and specific fluid delivery algorithms.

AdvantageFD is what you bring to it

The AdvantageFD platform is verified and validated. On day one, you can begin building the algorithm to deliver fluid to your exact specifications.

What will the final product look like? How will the tube set connect? Will the user interface (UI) be similar to your current configuration?

That’s where you come in!

AdvantageFD is the foundation upon which you can build your fluid delivery product to reflect your brand, accept your disposables, improve your UI, and more.

Launch in as few as 6 months!

Initial prototype, design updates, V&V, certification testing and regulatory filing in six months? Yes, it’s possible with Energize Medical!

Start from scratch Start with AdvantageFD
Develop Initial Prototype 6 months Done
Customize/Design Updates 6 months 3 months
Complete V&V 4 months 2 months
Certification Testing & Regulatory Filing 4 months 1 month
TOTAL 20 months 6 months!

Should we talk?

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