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Ablation Market Forecasts

Various sources forecast growth in the RF Ablation devices market to be anywhere from 7-12% over the next five years to more than $22.5 Billion (US) dollars by 2024.  Though market predictions vary by source, nearly all mention the following considerations driving growth.

  • Increase in demand for minimally invasive (MI) surgery options for all therapeutic applications.
  • Aging demographics and the prevalence of cancers and chronic cardiovascular disease.
  • Growing demand for pain-relieving therapies in response to the opioid addiction crisis.
  • Awareness of the efficacy of RF ablation therapies for gynecology, ophthalmology, cosmetic surgery, and more. 
  • A growing market for the development of novel ablation devices.

Strategic Partnerships Impacting Growth

Market leaders have made key acquisitions to increase growth potential within the Radiofrequency Ablation device market.  In 2017, Boston Scientific acquired Cosman Medical, Inc. to expand its RF Ablation device portfolio. In 2018, AngioDynamics acquired BioSentry Tract Sealant System technology from Surgical Specialities, LLC and RadiaDyne and its proprietary OARtrac radiation dose monitoring platform to drive growth in oncology markets.

Challenges to Market Growth

  • Stringent regulatory approval process
  • Lack of availability in developing countries
  • Limited awareness in regard to MI therapy options
  • Cost-containment measures

Focused Development for Device Makers

Rapidly growing market conditions highlight the importance of finding your competitive edge. That’s one big reason we’re proud to offer AdvantageRF™ to device makers with an idea for a life-changing therapy they want to get to market faster and for a lower cost. One obvious cost-saving measure it to reduce time in device development and testing. We developed AdvantageRF™ with this in mind. 

How AdvantageRF™ Speeds Your Path to Market

AdvantageRF™ development kits pair a ready-made RF generator with ProfileBuilder™ software to help you deliver customized energy in minutes. No used equipment or trapped data to slow you down. With AdvantageRF™, delivering customized energy is just a point and click away.

Once you’ve gotten the pre-clinical answers you need, AdvantageRF™ enables you to seamlessly transition the algorithm you refined in the lab to a clinical trial generator designed to compile documentation for clinical trial submission.  And after you’ve successfully completed clinical trials, AdvantageRF™ manufacturing partners stand ready to transform your proven therapy into a ready-for-market product solution.  

Poised for Growth, Powered by AdvantageRF™

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If you have an idea for a RF therapy device and would like more information on how Energize Medical and AdvantageRF™ might help you get to market faster, and at a lower cost, please reach out to us. We’ve partnered with top influencers in the market to streamline development, and we would love to partner with you.

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