When 70% of Your Device
is done before you start...
You Get to Market Faster!
Build upon the Energize Medical Platform

Energize Medical builds products and energized medical platform development systems upon which medical device manufacturers can innovate faster with rapid prototyping and at a lower cost. Smart customers including Medtronic and Baylis Medical use Energize Medical pre-configured electronics, software, and enclosures as the foundation for their market-leading products to increase revenues and reduce time to market.

Current medical platforms development systems include RF generation, fluid delivery, wireless data collection, and user interface accelerators with more to follow. Energize Medical also provides OEM services to eliminate distractions for you. We’ll help you focus on your core products, reduce time to market, lower your costs, and win in your markets!

RF Energy
Reduce time to market AND improve clinical outcomes when you switch to a customizable energy source. With the AdvantageRF™ RF Energy Generator, vary your output voltage, currents, and every other parameter imaginable.
Fluid Delivery
With catheters getting smaller and smaller, you’re going to need a high-performance fluid delivery system to stay competitive. AdvantageFD™ Fluid Delivery system can get you to market faster AND at a lower cost than your existing pump head supplier.
Your products hold a wealth of business intelligence – but first you have to extract it. Get a massive head start when you use our AdvantageConnect™ Wireless Data Transfer & Storage module. It’s already built for you. Add your specific requirements and go!
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Innovate (Quickly!) or Lose.

Assuming you’re in the first camp, you’re in the right place.

But competition is intense, and research and development budgets aren’t getting bigger. In fact, you’re probably tasked to do more with fewer team members and fewer dollars. Now, more than ever, you need to focus on your core strengths and partner to do anything that can be done faster and less expensively elsewhere.

That’s where Energize Medical comes in with our rapid prototyping system.

There’s no need for you to build the core electronics, basic software, and enclosures for your medical devices. We’ve already verified and validated the core medical platform development systems for you!

Medical Platform Development and Rapid Prototyping

When you build upon our medical platforms, you start development with two-thirds of the work already done. Select an Energize Medical platform development system and use our tools to add your algorithm and intellectual property for rapid prototyping and construction. Together we’ll build in a fraction of the usual time a product that captures your brand, look and feel, and your user interface. In your markets, your customers buy your products for the superior patient outcomes. The fact that Energize Medical helped you to medical market in less than half the time and at a reduced cost will be our little secret!

In sum, you’ll cut an entire year off your medical platform development cycle and reduce your cost along the way!